The following is a message John Sprague sent via a group text to many of the parishioners of Mayhew CBC during the Covid-19 isolation time. It is a heartfelt message, like many, as parishioners keep in touch with each other. We may be apart physically, but we’re together spiritually. 

I’m a new Trustee with Mayhew CBC, John, and my wife is Tina.  Some time ago I was looking for a place to eat with my youngest son, Pete.  At the spur of a moment I pulled into Kiki’s.  It was there that I saw my childhood friend, Carl.  He was eating with the Pastor.  It was history from there on out.  


I and my wife, Tina, joined the church, so she is a member too now.  Church is really good for us.  It helps us a lot and we sure do miss it during this Covid-19 isolation time.  I can see the little girl in my wife come out when she’s in church.  It’s good for her also.  We like everyone we’ve met in the church and all are really nice people.


We will be praying for you who are sick and the ones who have injuries.  Just wanted to let you know that we care about you all, and we really miss everybody, and are praying for the preacher and his family, and everyone who helps out.  God bless you all and God Bless Mayhew Church!!  Pray this virus gets over soon.  Please help this world, God.  Amen!!