Welcome to Mayhew Community Baptist Church


The Purpose of Mayhew Community Baptist Church is to introduce people of all ages to Jesus Christ for their salvation and membership into His church; to help them grow in a Christ-like maturity and to discover their God-given ministry in order to magnify God with their lives.


The Mission of Mayhew Community Baptist Church is for our community to learn about Jesus and love our family and neighbors as Christ has loved us!


Scammers have sent emails to some of our members “from Pastor Mike” requesting money “for a cause.” These are fraudulent requests. Do not respond to these requests.  Instead, contact Pastor Mike or the person who sent the email via text or phone to determine if the request is valid. Thank you.

New Beginnings - Where Family Comes First

Thank you for your interest in Mayhew Community Baptist Church. New Beginnings and family first is our desire. God’s love provides us with an opportunity for new beginnings. To make God our most important relationship is the center of our worship. To love our neighbor is our second highest priority. That is our mission for our community – to love our family and neighbors. This is how Mayhew Church desires to impact our community for Jesus Christ. We are glad you are here. Join us on a journey that compares to no other. It will be the time of your life.

Peace and Humility (7/7/24)

To see video sermons from our Pastor, click here. To see Becca’s worship videos, click here. To see our guest speakers’ sermons, click here.

Let’s worship together!! Sundays at 11:00 am, we will gather at Mayhew Community Baptist Church to celebrate Jesus together! Covid restrictions remain in place as updated by the CDC.

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