A Blessing Not to Have a Car?

By Tanya Wright

I’m Tanya Wright, some of you may be familiar with me from “Dress-A-Girl-Around-The World.”  I’m just entering my Second year living in Rancho Cordova, and my First full-year being a Member of Mayhew Community Baptist Church.


Many of you have given me “Rides,” given me “aid”/”help”, of which I thank you and God daily for!  A “few” of you know me a bit “more personally”, through sharing “Fried Catfish” lunches, meals, testimonies and fellowship.


I would like to share with you My experience being used through my circumstances (being “financially challenged”), to Glorify God. My unusual “mode-of-transportation” is the light rail or Regional Transit.  This particular day, I was walking.  (I find it’s “a wonderful opportunity” while getting from Point “A” to Point “B” to talk briefly to unmet neighbors and invite them to Visit Our Wonderful Church Services.)


While saying “Hello” to a neighbor as I was passing her, we got into a short conversation.  We shared “aches and pains-stories,” and before starting back on my way again, I invited her to Visit one of our Services when she was feeling better.  A few Sundays ago, recognizing me, she grabbed my arm, gleefully telling me, “YOU’RE THAT LADY WHO INVITED ME TO COME HERE, THAT DAY!”  She said, “I KNEW IT WAS YOU!”  IT WAS!  We laughed, recounting our conversation, we hugged, and smiling, she headed out.


My “point” is not that someone I stopped and invited to Church, came.  I hope we are sharing Our desire to hear God’s Word Preached with those surrounding us daily in our favorite Shops, Restaurants, Nail Shops or Cleaners.”


I was amazed that God would “use” my being Out of Bus Fare, to “move” a sick neighbor’s Heart to get to Mayhew to Visit!  God is Willing to use any Predicament or Circumstance that we are going through, to manifest His Power!  “. . . as the Lord has assigned to each his task.  I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God Made It Grow!”  (1 Cor. 3:5-6)


God “uses” us because He KNOWS exactly who is thirsty to hear, and act on the Word of God.  He Knows the minute and the hour someone is “ready” to Accept an Invitation to hear His Inspired Word powerfully preached!  He, and the Holy Spirit Work on the Hearts and Minds of those Who want to FOLLOW HIM.