By Jim Schnase

You may remember a few of my testimonies about how the Lord has healed me during the past year.  Well, He did it again! Now, for a little history.


30-35 years ago, a bunch of us were snow mobile riding and we got stuck.  We got off and when I lifted the snow mobile up, something popped in my back and I have had pain ever since.  Doctors and Chiropractors have looked at it and couldn’t figure it out or fix it. It just kept on hurting.


Fast forward to this year.  I was at my Cardiologist and said to her, I know this isn’t your field, but wonder if you have any idea why the back condition had continued so long.  She was already preparing to order an ultrasound for my heart, so she added one for my back. The result was a diagnosis of a pinched nerve. Meanwhile, it had gotten so bad that I had to use a walker.


About a month later, I saw my primary care physician.  He had surprising news. When reviewing my records, he noticed a small growth on my pancreas!  Just the tip of it was visible from the x-ray of my back. He immediately ordered a designated x-ray of the pancreas.


I was still awaiting the results when, as usual, I attended our church’s evening Bible study.  After the study, the group laid hands on me and prayed for me, for the growth to be benign and also for my whole body overall.  While everyone laid hands, Pastor Mike, Kojo, and Andorful each prayed. They were long and powerful prayers, which stayed with me on the way home and throughout the night.


In the morning when I went out to the kitchen to turn my coffee on, all of a sudden, I realized my back wasn’t hurting!  Not at all! I walked back to the bedroom and back to the kitchen and still nothing hurt. So, after showering and getting dressed, I walked out to the main road and back.  Still no pain. To this day I have no pain and no need for a walker!  


My pancreas ultrasound revealed the growth is most likely a cyst.  One more specialist is scheduled to check me out. However, I’m not worried.  Would you be? I know who is in control of my life and I thank Him and praise Him every day.