From Here to Eternity

The New Year is well on its way now.  As I reflect on how many of us in the church have endured the loss of a loved one and how it affects us during the holidays and other times for the rest of our lives, I recall something else – something strangely wonderful.


When my husband Skip’s condition had worsened to the point that we knew he had only days or weeks left, something happened.  All of a sudden, I found myself looking around the house. Some of his clothes were wearing out and we’d need to get some new ones.  Not anymore! What!! There were many projects to be done around the house and yard that I couldn’t do. Because he’d been so ill, some things had been put on hold and were getting out of control.  He always had to take the responsibility for those things. Not anymore! He needed two serious operations for prior medical conditions, plus his artificial leg (from a prior accident) was no longer fitting and would require many weeks or months of appointments.  Not anymore! I considered the world. What a mess it was and it was affecting our country as well. Although we knew we were watching the Book of Revelation unfold, it was very hard for him due to his patriotism and loyalty to the country he loved. Not anymore! As a natural historian, elections, local and world news, etc., mattered a lot.  Not anymore! Like others, he had been dealt with wrongly many times during his life, and now he was so sick. Not anymore.


Then it hit me, he was leaving all these troubles behind.  Forever free! If retirement was great, This Was Fantastic!  He had fought the good fight and was graduating to Eternity with God.  I thought about Jesus. After all His suffering and pain here, He too became free from this earthly existence.


Then another thought came into my mind.  I was Profoundly Jealous! He was getting to graduate and I had to stay behind.  And then the Lord told me, Just for A While. I felt the joy of the Victory in Jesus.  Yes, I could hang in there until it’s my time. Just as God only left Jesus here until His purpose had been fulfilled, He would do the same with me.  And all of us! Suddenly, I didn’t want to miss that purpose. He had given me everything, including my wonderful husband. It was now my turn to give back to Him and to see what He would have me do each and every day.


You know the rest.  I love you, Mayhew CBC.


By Anne Chapman