Maybe God Has a Better Plan

Another day came to rent a hydraulic dump trailer at the usual place.  A call was made the night before and the assurance given it was still there.  However, the next morning, upon showing up to rent it, the attendant said it was broken.  Two of the chain’s other locations, which also have an equipment rental section, repeatedly failed to answer the phone.  Time was running out before a weather front was to come in on Sunday. Why didn’t the other two locations answer? A quick prayer went up, “Ok, God, now what to do?


Then a thought surfaced.  What about the small rental place down the road?  But wouldn’t it be more expensive? The answer was surprising.  The price at the large chain was $125 for 24 hours. The smaller store would rent the same size trailer for $90.  To make it even better, this was a Friday and since they were closed Saturday, they said simply return it by Monday morning – $90 for 76 hours!


Yes, God did have a better plan!


When all else fails, read the directions.  They’re found in the Bible.


Submitted by Anne Chapman