Glimpses of Our Future

As I’m writing this I’m sitting in my parent’s house in Oregon, looking at old pictures (except the ones of me) hanging on the wall.  Pictures are images of the past, reminders of what used to be. Usually they are reminders of good memories. No one takes a picture of someone depressed for prosperity.  It is impossible to take a picture of the future because of our inability to travel into the future. But once again, nothing is impossible for God. I believe God lives in the past, present, and future.  Only through His power do we see the future, when He gives His prophets the insight to see the future. It is recorded in His Word. So, once again God is in control of our present and future.


I say this because as we walk closer to God, we begin to see glimpses of our future.  Can you see pictures of the future? A couple of Sundays ago I preached on the topic of a vision for our futures.  I shared with you what I use as a picture of hope that helps me in tough times. That picture is what God wants us all to have.  Mine is a picture of Jesus embracing me, and then walking with Him along a creek that flows into a lake. Oh, the peace I get from that image.  And what is so powerful is I totally believe it. I want to encourage you to find that place in your life that gives you that source of encouragement to weather the storms of this temporary life.


As I continue to look around the living room, I find great comfort in these old pictures, (again except for me).  They put a smile on my face and sometimes a tear on my cheek. That is what God wants to give you. Spend time with Him this week and ask Him to give you a picture, a vision of you with Him in heaven.  The more descriptive you are, the greater the comfort.


I even like to see way into the future and see all of us together!  What a joy that will be.


In Christ’s picture frame,

Pastor Mike