By Jim Schnase

The message on ABWM Sunday by Reverend Ernestine (Tina) Wady, made me stop and think about the healings that God has performed on me.  Although God has been so good to me, her testimony opened my eyes to the possibility that there may be more to His actions than affecting just “Me.”


When I was living in Salem, Oregon, I suffered severe kidney failure and then a heart attack.  I was in bad shape and the doctors were amazed that suddenly my kidneys started working again. Even so, they weren’t working very good.  My heart attack resulted in a 3-way bypass which then also caused more damage to my kidneys.


I finally moved from Salem, Oregon to Sacramento, California to be with my son, Pastor Mike and family.  I got new, good doctors who started running a whole bunch of tests. The news wasn’t good. My heart was only functioning at 25%.  Normal is 50-70%. My kidneys were functioning at an undesirable rate of only 26%.


Only a few month ago, my kidney doctor advised me that tests showed my kidneys were remaining stable.  He said although they were still really bad, the fact they hadn’t gotten any worse was a good thing, but understand they will “never” improve.  Just hope they don’t get worse.


Meanwhile, many of you at Mayhew CBC have prayed for me.  Two weeks ago, I want to see my cardiologist, a fantastic female doctor, to review the results of a recent Doppler on my heart.  She came in smiling and saying she had good news. Then she stopped and wanted to look at the results again to be sure she really saw what she thought she saw.  My heart function had improved from 25% to 50%. Double!! She could hardly believe it. I told her about the prayers.


The next trip was to my kidney doctor.  When he came in the room, I asked him if he’d seen my heart results. He said yes, and it’s terrible.  He looked sad. I asked if he’d seen the very latest one. No, and he clicked on the computer to pull it up.  He was in shock! Then he went to my kidney results and his shock only increased! My kidney function had gone up 5 percent, from 26 to 31.  He just couldn’t believe it. He was now one of the happiest doctors I’ve ever seen, the same doctor who earlier told me they would “never” get better.  He even asked me, “How can that happen?” Again, I told him about the prayers and the power of God.


After I heard Reverend Wady’s testimony, I realized that although my illnesses were not caused by God, His healing power over my organs had as much or more to do with others as it did with myself.  God had “used me” to tell other people about His amazing power and the effect of prayer. The doctors and their staff heard it; people I talk to have heard it; and everyone who reads this article will know it too.


Thanks to everyone who has prayed for me.  I only ask each of you who the hand of God has touched, to pass it on.