Miracle on the Bridge

By Nicholas Torres (age 10)

Last week, several of us went to dinner with a new parishioner family.  Nick, the 10-year old son, relayed a personal story about how he and his mother were an integral part of a miracle that God performed on the Routier Road overpass to Highway 50.  It goes like this:


My mom and I were just going to the grocery store for some things.  We were driving on Routier Road where it goes over the freeway, and there was an older woman about to jump off the bridge.  She looked like she may have been homeless. About five police cars were there and the officers were trying to talk to her. My mom stopped and a lot of people also stopped.  My mom got worried and tried turning around but when she tried that, she wasn’t able to because the power steering had broken. My mom was worried and went to the police and talked to them.


While my mom was talking to the police, I prayed for God’s help, and that the lady would not jump.  A minute later, the woman did not jump but went back and got into the police car and they all left. Then my mom came back and we got into our car.  The power steering started working again, and we continued to the store.


Nick told us he couldn’t stand the thought of the woman jumping to her death and he prayed to God for help.  He felt that God answered his prayer because it was then the woman retreated and went to the police car. The power steering – there’s no doubt as to who caused it to stop working then start again.  God does have His ways of bringing His will to pass, and we never know when He may hand-pick one of us to accomplish it.