Need a family? Need HOPE?

The following is a testimony from Diane, a parishioner at Mayhew Community Baptist Church. We hope you will find it encouraging and that you will come join us.

“Need a family? Need HOPE? Hi…my name is Diane. I come from a long background of abuse. I heard about Mayhew Community Baptist Church from my husband who had attended with my son who was a meth abuser. My son’s sponsor took him there. My husband felt connected and urged me to attend. After many months I was searching for hope and belonging. I found that with Mayhew Community Baptist Church. Oh…trust me…I had my doubts about church…do they just want my money? Who says one religion is right about what the Bible says? Argh…too much to take on so better to just ignore it. I attended Mayhew Community Baptist church for the first time in April 2015 after a big disappointment within myself due to drinking. I was looking for a family and hope. I’ve never looked back…this church has been able to answer my questions and has given me peace and hope. The pastor is down to earth and works so hard to help his congregation. It’s a small church with people who really care about you! You are not judged on what you wear or where you came from! Find hope with us! With love and peace we can all succeed!” -Diane