Via Interview with Betty

Some of you know my long-time Christian friend, Betty, who lives on a ranch in Ione.  Betty is strong in the faith, and her daily life is a testimony to her love for Jesus and her desire for others to have a personal relationship with Him.  Betty has been known to spend years gently and patiently leading nonbelievers ever so much colder to the cross, some of whom accepted Jesus shortly before their deaths.


This is about one of her neighbors (We’ll call her Susan) who for many years, even during serious illnesses, just couldn’t bring herself to accept the one true God.


In rural Ione, neighbors are very far apart, and almost everyone has a variety of animals and livestock.  One night the telephone rang. It was Susan – frantic and crying. “Betty, Betty, Packard has been attacked by another animal.  He is completely limp and bleeding from the mouth!” Susan had taken the injured animal inside her house. When an animal is in this condition, death is almost certain.  To make matters even worse, Packard was just a young goat (a kid), tiny and frail.


Betty told Susan to calm down while she prayed.  She gave thanks to the Lord then proceeded to ask Him to take care of Packard and to heal the little creature.  About an hour later, the phone rang again. “Betty, Betty! Packard’s eyes are open and the bleeding has stopped!”  More time went by and again the phone rang. This time, “Oh Betty!! Betty!! Packard is standing up! Now he is walking around the house!  He’s all well. It was because of your God! Can I come to your church?”


Well now, we know God can do all things.  This time He used His faithful servant, Betty, and a little injured goat named Packard to bring a truly lost sheep into the arms of the Good Shepherd.


“Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be given to you.”  Mark 11:24


Submitted by Anne Chapman