The Circle of Life

God’s Perfect Recycling Plan

Have you ever considered how God creates a soul and puts it in a body then takes it away from the body and puts it in heaven?  This is the blessing of life itself. God knows exactly what our whole life will be even though we, ourselves, do not know. We live out our days, watch each other develop, and eventually we die.


Eph. 1:4 tells us that God has known us before Creation.  And each and every human being who was born and died before us, is living now, or will be born in the future, shares something wonderful in common.  We all were predestined (or planned) by God before we came out of the womb. He predestines us to Live Life. And what is life? The Lord made each of us in order to have a relationship with Him.  Stop and think of how incredible this really is! God is Love. Our God, who is all powerful and who, through the Word, created the heavens and earth, actually cares to have a relationship with you, and with me, and to be loved by us and fellowship with us – forever and ever!  Has anyone else ever made you feel so wanted? Here is God, who can do “everything” and yet He chose us! He gives every one of His creations the opportunity to spend eternity with Him.


So, where should our attention be focused?  Life can be so hard at times. We know that the Lord gave us free will.  After all, who would want to be loved by a robot? Always remember that God first loved us.  He doesn’t force himself upon us or rule our lives as though we are puppets on a string. Yet, in His ultimate wisdom and sovereignty He knows what we are going to do, what is going to happen to us, and what is best for us.


As I look at my tiny granddaughter, Celine (which consumes more and more of my time), it is almost beyond my comprehension to realize that God actually knew us all long before the creation of the Universe.  He knew the apostle Paul, Celine, you and me.


Celine, being only three weeks old, doesn’t even know she is alive, yet if she lives out a long life she will go through childhood, puberty, grow into a young adult, experience middle age, and finally become old, possibly with many wrinkles, a failing body and mind.  Yet, throughout all of this, her soul will never grow old. It will never perish. Her relationship with Jesus can never be taken from her. She will never be snatched out of His hand. John 10:29


Now I think of our many parishioners who are suffering – Thelma, Lee, Doris, Lavinia, to name a few.  They, too, were once three week-old babies. They, too, will experience the full circle of life, just as we all will, and they, too, can never be snatched from our Father’s hand.  When this earthly journey has ended, Life itself has really just begun.


Bless you Lord Jesus for your wonderful gift.

  • Pastor Mike