By Anne Chapman

How big does an event have to be in order to be deemed a miracle?  Is it more difficult for God to perform a Huge act than a small one?  Should we even bother God by asking Him to intervene in something that doesn’t have serious consequences?

The other day I wanted to buy a bone-in ham to bar-b-que.  Of course, I knew it wasn’t the best time of year to find such a ham, especially with all my normal criteria – bone-in, butt section, about 7 lbs to fit in the b-b-q.  I usually get 10-plus lbs. for the oven, so a 7 lb. ham is a challenge in itself.

After going to several stores and calling others, I was met with the same answer: “It’s the wrong time of year.  You won’t find any until a few weeks before Thanksgiving.” When I responded that I’d check another one of their stores, I was told it was hopeless.  “You won’t find one there either.” I didn’t believe them. So, I said to God, “This isn’t working. If it’s ok with you, will you show me where one is please?”  Then the thought came to me to call Save Mart on Folsom Blvd. It isn’t in my area so I rarely go there. I simply asked the lady if they had a small bone-in ham.   She went to check and when she came back, she said “I have one, a bone-in ham, butt section, 7 lbs!” It was Exactly what I wanted!

So, what are the answers to the above three questions?  1) Jesus said, “Everything is possible for one who believes.”  Mark 9:23. I notice He did not put any limitations, large or small, on His statement.  2) Mark 9:23 answers question 2 as well, and of course, we see in the Bible, over and over, so many examples of HUGE miracles performed by the Lord.  3) I remain forever astounded that all-powerful God wants a personal relationship with little, imperfect me. He wants one with you too. A personal and intimate day-to-day and hour-by-hour relationship.  That is why He made us! I know that I am not “bothering” Him when I seek His attention, rely on Him for even the smallest details of everyday life, thank Him and tell Him how much I love Him. Now THAT’S a relationship we all wish for, and so does He!  What a privilege we have been given.

So, now to all those who said I’d never find a ham, “Oh ye of little faith” Matthew 8:26, do you not have faith or do you not have understanding of “who” is really in charge?  Take heart, for it isn’t the person who places the orders or stocks the products. Call upon the Lord any time. Whether God, in His wisdom, is silent for a period of time or answers instantly, He is never too busy for you.  In other words, He also loves it if we just need to HAM it – UP!