The Healing Power of the Lord

By Margaret Michels

My sister, Patty Dows, started having pain issues with her gum about three years ago.  She kept going to her doctor and he would tell her that everything was just fine. After two years of the same routine, she finally said enough is enough and decided to go to her dentist.  The dentist took one look at her gum and decided to do a biopsy. The news was not good. She had cancer in her gum.


After several tests, they referred her to UC Davis in Sacramento.  They ran more tests and confirmed that it was Stage 4 cancer. She was scheduled for surgery two weeks later in January.


The surgery was extensive.  They had to remove her jaw bone from the ear to the middle of her chin and replace it with three pieces of bone taken from her leg.  They also had to reconstruct her gum by taking skin from the leg. They removed over 30 lymph nodes that didn’t look good.


Tests came back showing that two of the lymph nodes had an aggressive type of cancer.  They were concerned that it could have spread to other places in her body. Because of the aggressive cancer she then had to go through not only radiation but chemotherapy.


After much prayer from our prayer team and the church and many others praying, we just got news that she is completely cancer free.  All of her tests have come back with not a trace of cancer anywhere in her body.


This is truly a miracle from our wonderful Lord.  God is always good no matter the outcome but when you see a miracle like this you understand His mighty power.


In conclusion, I just wanted to thank all of those faithful prayer warriors that prayed for Patty and those who took her back and forth to appointments.  It was a long hard road for them and her but you were a true blessing for her and our family.