By Jim Schnase

One afternoon I wanted to get some papers out of my fireproof box.  I pulled the box out and went to the place where my keys have always been, but none fit the box.  I then looked and looked every place, even going through a bunch of new keys. One by one I tried them all and not one of them worked. 


 I wondered if I were to take the box to a locksmith to open it would they question if I were the legal owner?  Sure, I could prove it was mine by the contents, but it would be better to find the key. As I went to bed, I asked the Lord if He would please help me find my key so I don’t have to go thru all that hassle.


The next morning while having coffee, I went over and checked the regular place for keys again.  They still didn’t work. Then I went back to the table where the new keys were in order to try them all again.  The very first set of keys I picked up opened the box!


I am convinced that the Lord used this little incident to show me He was listening to me, even down to the smallest detail!  Nothing is too big for Him and nothing is too small either. I got more than the key to the box from this experience. I enjoyed the warm feeling that comes with having a one-on-one relationship with my creator who loves me and wants a personal relationship with me as well.