The Prayers of Children

Karl and Cathy Borchardt had been directing our AWANA Club for some time.  They came faithfully, even though it was difficult with Cathy being in a wheel chair.  She was fairly young, yet a number of years ago she suffered a major stroke which left her paralyzed. One hand was so curled up that her fingers had been digging into the palm.  She had no ability to move one of her legs. She was totally dependent on her amazing husband, Karl.  

The kids loved both of them.  One night during AWANA, the kids asked to pray for Cathy.  The prayers of children are special, pure and full of belief.  After the prayer, the program continued as usual with the children breaking up into their groups for lesson time.  As usual, Cathy was wheeled into help the Sparkies learn their verses. Wait! Something was happening! People started to gather around her wheel chair.  For the first time in years, the fingers in her paralyzed hand began to uncurl. We were witnessing a miracle! Then, ever so slowly, she lifted her paralyzed leg a few inches and straightened it ever so slightly!  

Praises to God rang out.  This was just the beginning!  Over time, and with the help of Karl, and prayer, Cathy continued to improve and – Yes – she even walked again!  Later on, Karl was transferred to Tennessee and the couple had to move. We missed each other and kept in touch, and they came back to visit occasionally.  A number of years later, Cathy became ill and was hospitalized. Then one night, Karl called to say that the Lord had taken Cathy home that day. We all got the news at once, because it was AWANA night!

PS – While they were with us, Cathy gave a special presentation during group time.  As she addressed us from her wheel chair, she said it was easy for us to notice all the things she “couldn’t” do.  It was now her turn to tell us all the things she “could” do. The list was long and heartwarming, and a lesson for everyone.

Submitted by Anne Chapman